Hotels with Unique Concept Resembles Bird's Nest

Art Hotel, another of a recent breakthrough from the world of Chinese architecture is very attractive to many people in the world. Easy, one thing is very unique to offer this hotel is a building that resembles the Bird's Nest. With a variety of designs that Creative and Innovative Art Hotel is the future so that will hopefully make visitors interested in a longer stay in this hotel-based art. China there is no end to create new innovations in order to realize the state that can compete and not be seen by the eye of the World.
Art Hotel was designed and is designed with a futuristic concept that makes visitors feel at home sleeping at the hotel. It is DEEP Architect who has developed a concept design for art-based hotel development to be built in north Beijing National Stadium (Bird's Nest Resembles) as part of Beijing's "Olympic Post Commercial Strategy."
Concept design of the building commonly referred to by architects with the call "Fluid A Dream" is derived from a variety of existing references, borrowed from several sources. The building was inspired by a book called The surrealism of Salvador Dali whose content is driving the design of formal fluidity, while the concept of a nest egg is the source of privacy for the hotel units, derived from a nickname of affection in the nearby stadium.
Art Hotel will occupy about 10,000 square meters and will have about 1,500 square meters of space pages. Interior space is designed with the formality of liquids, from columns to the atrium and balcony, the hotel is the definition of spatial interiority gentle and continuous. This design also includes reform of the original stadium concourse level, where it will turn into the executive floor of the hotel consists of several living spaces.
The interior space was designed from a user standpoint. The layout is determined in accordance with the movement of individuals, and the definition of the space are softened to allow for open fluidity of motion. Spaces that are embedded with a myriad of sensory cues spatial sculpture, multimedia, and two-dimensional graph of the light and smell. This multidimensionality creates dynamism of a, continuous surrealistic space à la Dali.
A steel frame of the Bird's Nest hotel defines many private air space pages that connect to this private villa and outside their personal space connected to a closed corridor which leads the user back to the main hotel room "villa eggs.". The seclusion and privacy provided by the separation of rooms from the main lobby to strengthen the real experiences and individuals that experienced by the visitors.

Gallery highly Futuristic Building Design from Art Hotel

Title: Hotels with Unique Concept Resembles Bird's Nest
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Hotels with Unique Concept Resembles Bird's Nest


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