How it Works Robot Google on the Internet!

Google is still considered a search engine number one and most favorite among the other search engines. Besides having a very simple look of the site, Google also provides search results are accurate. His indexing system that automatically make Google almost without compromise and fair, new or old players get the same opportunity.


One of the reasons why search engines that existed before Google's declining popularity and usefulness is the emergence of the paid-listings. Where search engines are 'hungry' will pay / income to sell a position in search results to advertisers. The weakening of the objectivity of the poisoned search results and underestimated the popularity principle owned website. The difference between search engines, which should show you the results you are looking for, with the channel browser, which takes you into the affiliate business, blurred. Although many search engines that refuse to sell their positions in search results, doubt and distrust already spread in the hearts of the users.
Integrity Google looks of their site pages are clean and give priority to one thing that is the word "Search ". Google does accept advertising, but ads that they receive is separated from the search results. Maybe not everyone agrees with how Google ranks search results.

All search engines (search engines) work with the same basic way: they "crawl" (crawl) a web page with an automated robot software called spiders (spiders) or crawler (crawler) that produce / create the index (list) the contents of the web can be found / discovered by the users. Each search engine allows users to search within the list (index), which search engine it has, to a keyword (keyword) or set of keywords (keywords). Search results are displayed in various forms of list, but most show little information about each web that included in the list and links that lead to the web.How to create a list of every search engine is very unique, thanks to the programming engine spiders are different from each other. A key element in programming spider is on the search engine algorithms, which determine the ranking of each web page that is listed. The ranking system determines how search results are displayed.

Google is a major technology assets in the system of algorithms they have, complicated ranking system formula that gives the users, the search results are good and often seem as if Google is able to read the minds of everyone who is looking through the search engine giant.Results from the algorithm summarized in a single rank statistic, called PageRank, Google's PageRank formula is very secretive, but the company is promoting the importance of PageRank, and offers on the Webmaster general guidelines to improve PageRank. Google shows the average rating system for each site (on a scale of 0-10) in the Google toolbar. Although the exact formulas secret, but the basic ingredients of this PageRank known to the public.
WHEN Google from indexing / crawling?

Google crawls sites on the Internet with different depths and by setting a schedule more than once. The so-called deep crawl (creep in) is done at least once a month. In connection with the complexity of the process of cataloging and the need for making an extensive list of web content, it takes more than a week to do the crawl. Because it takes six weeks for a new website or blog to get listed in Google.
Google relies entirely on the deep crawl, but the results from the deep crawl could quickly expire associated with rapid changes in the world of the Internet. Therefore Google launched a fresh crawl briefly visited sites on the Internet more frequently than the deep crawl. It's fresh crawl results will not change the overall index of Google, but will update the contents of some of the web / blog. Google did not announce the schedule of this fresh and crawl your site / blog what is being targeted, but the webmaster can find out the schedule through a thorough investigation.Google does not have a duty to visit any specific URL, with a fresh crawl them. These sites and blogs can enhance the opportunity to more frequently visited Google to update their content regularly. Remember the shallowness of the fresh crawl, Google may visit the front page of your site or blog, but probably not visiting other pages.
Title: How it Works Robot Google on the Internet!
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How it Works Robot Google on the Internet!


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