Elgin Park, miniature City of 1960

Ever imagine circumstances in which a city has not changed since 1960?
There are several towns and places in the world who still maintain such circumstances, but most have been destroyed krn war, or neglected become a ghost town.
However, there is a small town in America that still looks exactly like the atmosphere in the 1960s, what might? This is who were the idea of ​​Michael Paul Smith, creating a miniature city to capture the atmosphere of Elgin Park, Pennsylvania in 1960.

Elgin Park is a miniature in great detail, the entire image is captured using only a pocket camera with 6 megapixel resolution, without the process of editing / photoshop. Photo "taken with this miniature image right angle, so impressive this miniature like the atmosphere of a real city.

Title: Elgin Park, miniature City of 1960
Posted by:Riszky Nurseno
Published :2011-11-26T01:27:00-08:00
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Elgin Park, miniature City of 1960


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