(amazing) 7 The World Book Store

1. Apparently the Church of baseball can only be a place of worship. Evidence, the Dominican church age to 800 this year could, tuh, transformed into a bookstore. Although added some modern elements, the building is still left as before. sturdy and classic.
Boekhandel Selexyz Dominicanen (Belanda)

 2. If this one is definitely a favorite of small children. The design is minimalist and stylish as Fiction films and make them feel at home. In this place, there are 3000 titles available.  
Poplar Kid's Republic (China)

3. For us who like watching theater, may be appropriate to El Ateneo Bookstore. because, first seklai, bookstores Number One In South America this is the theater. The area used to be a place where theater special guests relax while eating snacks. Even the VIP room for visitors of old, is now set aside as a reading room mini
El Ateneo Bookstore (Argentina)

4. This 2-story bookstore had something SPECIAL. we can see the pile of books from floor to ceiling, wow! in addition, on the second floor, there are private libraries that may be accessible to everyone. More fun again because here there is a bed to sleep normally taking place is that the authors are again looking for ideas for his novels. They may stay for days, Free.
Shakespeare & Company (Perancis)

5. Portugal people are happy indeed pleased to read the book. Evidence, in 1881 alone Livaria Lello already built. The bookstore is equipped with wooden stairs in the middle of the building and will bring visitors up to the roof
Livraria Lello (Portugal)
6. Do not ever search for novel let alone textbook here. You see, this place is heaven lovers of comics, wow. 100% of books that are here are the comics. and although many of his rivals, the store had been named as one of the coolest comic bookstores around the world version of the Guardian newspaper
Secret Headquarters Comic Book Store (Amerika Serikat)

7. Cafebreria El Pendulo provide Bar And Cafe. but can read books, we can eat food, we also can enjoy the clean air here. because, the store interior, decorated by various types of plants.
Cafebreria El Pendulo (Meksiko)
Title: (amazing) 7 The World Book Store
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(amazing) 7 The World Book Store


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