How it Works Laser Virtual Keyboard

Basically, all physical and virtual keyboard, the input device. When snapped his finger on one button, you instruct your keyboard to convey commands to the computer. So, what distinguishes the VKB with ordinary keyboard?
Normal keyboard, which is currently stuck in your desktop or laptop, is actually the same as other small computers. If the keyboard is disassembled, you will find a processor and circuitry that is similar to other components of computer innards. Under each key, there are circuit boxes (grid).

Each time you press a button, switch on the bottom button will be closed, and sends a small electrical current through the grid, which will be captured and analyzed by the processor (on the keyboard). Furthermore, the processor will send the information to a computer diolahnya. That is how the regular keyboard.
When you type on a VKB, there is no switch involved. Because, in fact, there are no elements that move at all. QWERTY keyboard VKB projecting images on a flat surface (which does not reflect light) using a red diode laser.

These lasers, similar to laser pointers being sold at the edges of the road, emitting its rays through a Diffractive Optical Element (DOE) who figured a keyboard. DOE, along with a special lens, the keyboard is proportional to enlarge image and project it on a flat surface.
But that was not enough. It takes something to analyze the information you type on the VKB projection. Located at the bottom of the tool VKB have an infrared transmitter diode laser, which fires an infrared beam to form a thin field.
Thin field that is not visible, is located only a few millimeters above the projection VKB. At the time of typing, your fingers pass through certain areas in the field of infrared light. A CMOS (Complimentary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor) captures the position of your hands in the VKB projection area, and a special sensor chip (called the Virtual Interface Processing Core) analyze the flick of your finger over the VKB.
Still hard to imagine? OK, You would never watch action films featuring scenes jewel thief in a museum, is not it? In the film shown in the thief crept avoid infrared light (which is actually not visible) are poor across emitted in the exhibition room.

Unfortunately, the thief inadvertently exposed to infrared light. Museum security system scans the position of the thief, and report it to the guard post. That's roughly how the VKB. It's just that the thief is a snap of a finger, and guard posts is your computer.
Title: How it Works Laser Virtual Keyboard
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How it Works Laser Virtual Keyboard


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