World's First Laptop is amazing

In the 1970s the idea of ​​a portable personal computer was first considered by Alan Kay at Xerox PARC. This guy even come forward and publish the idea. The idea was immediately welcomed by the others, who eventually agreed to name the first laptop project is Osborne1. First produced in 1981 by Adam Osborne, who works in publishing a book, weighing about 11 kg. This giant comes with a 5-inch screen, looks like a giant-sized cell phone, small screen in a large machine.

Osborne1 use electrical connections with an optional battery backup, and use two floppy drives size 5 ¼ inches, modem port, keyboard, battery pack and priced at $ 1,800. So, how performance?, Well, like a Sumo wrestler is 100-meter sprint, can you imagine? This is not a laptop in a literal sense. Although it can be taken anywhere, but we might as well carry around 3-4 years old children everywhere.

Osborne 1, the First Laptop Created 29 Years Ago
there in 1981 by Osborne Computer Corporation, the Osborne 1 regarded as the world's first portable computer, having a strong enough protection when it closed, and can also be taken anywhere because it has a grip when closed. He even has an optional battery, so no need to plug into 110VAC outlet for power.

While quite revolutionary, Osborne 1 does have limitations. For example, only 5-inch screen (diagonal) in size, and can not display more than 52 characters per line of text. To compensate, you really can scroll the screen back and forth with the cursor keys to show lines of text up to 128 characters wide.

Osborne 1 was designed with transportation in mind, must be strong and able to survive long without quickly broken. That is one reason that made ​​very small screen, bigger screen and more weight will be more susceptible to damage.

Designed as a computer system that is really portable, can be stored in the luggage when you travel by plane, or very suitable stored under the passenger seat of any commercial aircraft.


Osborne 1

Introduced: April 1981
Price: U.S. $ 1.795
Weight: 24.5 pounds
CPU: Zilog Z80@4.0 MHz
Display: built-in 5 "monitor

53 X 24 text
Ports: parallel / IEEE-488

modem / serial port
Storage: dual 5-1/4 inch, 91K drives
OS: CP / M

Title: World's First Laptop is amazing
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World's First Laptop is amazing

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