Library Winnipeg, Concept Modern Library Very big

Winnipeg Centennial Library was originally built in 1976 as a three-storey building occupies a city block and the adjacent public park. Existing library, built with reinforced concrete exposed to exterior and interior panel pre-cast, feel very disconnected from their environment, including parks. Additions to the library, which began in 2002 as an entry in a design competition winners were invited, including the reorganization and development of collections, the reconfiguration of the circulatory system, and creation of new social spaces, as well as renovation of existing libraries. Both the existing library, approximately triangular in plan, and stands of green space in a parking garage below grade. Extending the library to the park would destroy valuable public green space and strengthen the foundation needed expensive in the parking garage. An alternative to extend the library to the top. Fortunately, the building has a structural capacity to accept an additional floor, as long as it is lightweight, but also need to be re-roofed. Thus, most of the additional space that is contained in a light, new, fourth-floor steel framed under the new roof. Due to severe winter conditions, many buildings in downtown Winnipeg are linked by a tunnel and sustainable interior Skywalk system. Library to connect to the system with the bridge on the second level. A two-story lobby is enlarged, made by removing a portion of the second floor, enabling street-level entrance to the library, and gift shop and cafe in the lobby, for interconnection with the Skywalk.

Modern Library a great concept and Futuristic
From the urban intersection, patrons are taken through the building, along the "road" interior animation by displaying and event book sales, and garden. At the edge of the park, new public elevator and stairs and read the elongated tie floor terrace which is largely independent of one another and to the new fourth floor. These glass walls open terraced space every level to light, landscapes, and cities. All public space and the collection can be accessed from this linear route. Compact trace additions maintain maximum park space, allowing libraries to take advantage of location, whereas, highly visible interactive terrace, a garden-scale topography on the interior, resulting in a radical new identity for the library. Library ordered in strips, in a series of zones that run parallel to the wall of windows and across the long dimension of space. Strip accommodate component library program in the categories identified. The first is the park strip, is an integral part of all public spaces within the building. The second is that all forms of reading-desk, comfortable chair, and relaxed seating. The third is a low mass, such as a reference collection, help desk, and computer stations, and the fourth is a high mass, such as shelf clear run in sequence. The fifth category consists of rooms: reading room closed, offices and meeting rooms, staff areas, service areas, and access management books. Progress strip of garden to the interior, from open to closed, from low to high, from the region's largest public access and interaction to the area of ​​privacy and quiet. This layout allows all visitors to see and understand the general arrangement of the collection and functions whether they approach from the elevator or from reading terrace and stairs. On the fourth floor of a new, non-fiction collection is regulated as a single run clear material indexed. Various subjects of the collection is highlighted by the area of ​​"focus". This exhibition space, which is immediately visible at the entrance to the floor, is the interval included in the collection to emphasize the continuity of the subject is often lost in numerical anonymity of the Dewey Decimal system. 

Winnipeg Library is very Futuristic

Title: Library Winnipeg, Concept Modern Library Very big
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Library Winnipeg, Concept Modern Library Very big

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