(amazing) Dining room made ​​of chocolate

 A shopping center in Vilnius, Lithuania, decided to surprise buyers on Valentine's Day by offering a unique visual feast - a room made ​​entirely of black and white chocolate.
"We wanted to create something special for Valentine's Day. the room chocolate made ​​to resemble a traditional living room Lithuania," said Frederikas Jansonas, a spokesman for the mall Acropolis. room has an area of ​​17 square meters of floor to ceiling and decorated with furniture and interior decoration of chocolate. Like a candle that can be eaten, books, flowers and paintings.
A team of seven artists from Lithuania to use 300 kilograms of food to make a chocolate brown room, where the sculptor Mindaugas Tendziagolskis say that this is "the best place for a romantic Valentine's Day dinner. " What are eaten as dinner? Look around and the answer will come naturally.
But the visitors had to wait a bit longer to taste the chocolate in the room, because there will be displayed until 8 March - International Women's Day - when this will be cut into pieces and distributed to visitors

Title: (amazing) Dining room made ​​of chocolate
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Published :2011-05-10T02:23:00-07:00
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(amazing) Dining room made ​​of chocolate

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