History The discovery of a CD (Compact Disc) and DVD

   Compact Disc

CD or compact disc is a circular disk made ​​of metal or plastic-coated material that can be electrified, so that is a magnet. CD also store data. The data recorded on it, then read from the disk by using the coil pengonduksi called head. During the reading process, the head does not move at all. While the disk plate moves underneath. This CD can store 783 MB of audio information on one side.

Materials Manufacturer
Disc is made from polycarbonate material which is coated with aluminum for the reflective surface. The information tracked from the CD by using low-intensity laser is placed in the optical disc player or drive unit.

How CD Work
Lasers will shine a clear protective layer, when the motor drives at work playing disc CD player. Laser that serves to track and display the data, either in the form of sound, images, or data recorded on one side CD, the CD also known as the most successful technology products throughout the history of human life.

History CD
James T. Russell is the man who first discovered the CD. Since childhood, James is known by its discoverer soul. In 1937, at the age of 6 years, James made a remote control for warships using his lunch box. James is also among the first to enjoy television and a keyboard as input data into computer media.

James T. Russell

James a music enthusiast of that era. He was not satisfied with the quality of the resulting pieces of music LPs gramophone (phonograph). Out of curiosity, to the point of James experimented using cactus thorns as needles reader LPs. James had expected that the results of experiments in vain. James wanted a system that will record and play back a song without having direct contact antarbagiannya. James saw that the best way for it is by using light.
After somersaults racked his brains for several years, he finally found a way to save data in the light-sensitive plate. This data is modeled in `bits` of light is very small. A laser beam reads the bit structure of this light, then the computer will convert this data into an electronic signal. And for the first time the compact disc was born. Then in 1970, James received the patent.
In 1972, Klass Compaan, a physicist at the Phillips Research with his friend, Piet Kramer, managed to display the model's first color video discs. At that time, has not been widely publicized because there are still many weaknesses. 

Piet Kramer
At about the same time, Phillips launched the first audio CD to the market, but experienced problems during the process of translating the data, thus failing to play. Then in 1978, Phillips worked with Sony, and develop standards for producing the CD. Two years later, Phillips and Sony successfully launched a digital audio compact disc with a standard, and began officially marketed in Europe and Japan in 1982. New in 1983, the CD began to be marketed in the United States.

DVD stands for Digital Versatile Disk. For information, the DVD was given the nickname "Delayed, Very Delayed." This is due to the length of this format was launched in the market. Even the various movie studios to give the nickname of "Digital Video Disc". Abbreviations are transformed into versatile disk by several applications. Therefore, to eliminate the ambiguity of existing acronyms DVD, the DVD forum which overshadow the development of the DVD decided to use the name of the DVD alone.
A Brief History DVD
In the crew of the 1990s, companies developed that participate in the development of optical tekologi (CD) proposed the use of new media that will guarantee a greater capacity. Proposals from the companies will new media is what we know by the name of the DVD today. Companies that care about the development of optical technology is then formed a consortium consisting of: JVC, Hitachi, Matsushita, Mitsubishi, Philips, Pioneer, Sony, Thomson, Time-Warner, and Toshiba. But, not long after will be active again and replaced with the presence of the DVD forum. DVD technology was first introduced by Japan in 1996. Not long after, this format began to enter the American market and now has been widely used in various parts of the world. If you look at, various kinds of branded PCs in the market also began to use the DVD drive and even some that include a DVD writer than using a CD-ROM CD Writer AAU.DVD format has a history filled with uncertainty and have a variety of processes from various parties. DVD format that became controversial was preceded by the protests that come from film studio in 1996. Where at the time that many movie studios will mengkwatirkan arrival of this format will actually be increasing the number of piracy of optical technology as well as music CDs or movies that can be easily obtained at a low price even for free. The debate between studio movies with the DVD format resulted in this format was delayed for almost 1 year. After that, this format also have problems in terms of various types of DVD formats on the market.
Title: History The discovery of a CD (Compact Disc) and DVD
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History The discovery of a CD (Compact Disc) and DVD


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