Tomb of Gladiator Roman

The tomb of Marcus Nonius Macrinus is one of the few archaeological discoveries made in the city recently ini.Marcus Nonius Macrinus was a general favorite of Emperor Marcus Aurelius, and helped win the war in Europe. He is believed to be one of inspiration in describing the character Maximus Decimus Meridius, played by Russell Crowe in Gladiator. However, although the film character is also a favorite of Marcus Aurelius and goes into battle in the second century AD, the similarities end. The real Roman general is not to have been sold as slaves and returned to Rome as a vengeful gladiators like in the movie the gladiator. Tombs Found in northbound Via Flaminia where construction work. Many marble columns, writings and the decor is still well preserved because it is protected by the mud that overflowed during the floods of the River Tiber lalu.Ini a century is "the most important ancient Roman monument which was found in 20 or 30 years". said senior archaeologist Daniela Rossi. More than 10 inscriptions on the tomb detail the life of Marcus Nonius Macrinus. General This came from Brescia in northern Italy, served as commissioner of police, judges, representatives of Asia and close confidante of Emperor Marcus Aurelius, who asked him to wage war against Germanic tribes in Northern Europe. "The movie character played by Russell Crowe leaves for and participates in the wars themselves. And he is a close friend of Marcus Aurelius, chronologically we are in the same period. But the movie character has a sad story and comes to a terrible end while ours becomes a rich and famous, "said Professor Rossi. Most of the tomb was covered with mud, and Professor Rossi said arekeologi experts worked day and night to dig. "Maybe we will also find the sarcophagus. Too soon to say how big it is, but it appears there was a row of columns along the 15 m, so it was quite huge, "he said. The Associated Press reported expert construction workers were involved in the renovation project a rugby stadium have uncovered a burial complex that regularly like preumahan, blocks and streets of a real city. Meanwhile, according to archaeologists who are restoring imperial residences in the heart of ancient Rome are also melorkan have found a place thought to be an underground street where the murder of Emperor Caligula by bodyguards.
Title: Tomb of Gladiator Roman
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Tomb of Gladiator Roman

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