Library Versatility is Made of Bamboo in Vietnam

The existence of shift from agriculture to industry has led to changes in lifestyle of people in Vietnam. Unlike developing countries and developed including our own country, Vietnam has seen their population in which they are very interested in the big cities to go abroad to seek higher wages. With the change in work ethic and divergent values, this country saw rapid disintegration of their education systems, and public services has become the spirit of their cultural identity. Architects design the design house of Kien Tieng re suoi Village in Vietnam as a place of multi-function gathering of villagers who wanted to get together and chat and take science from the library. Built from local materials, bamboo and coconut leaves are also equipped with solar cell systems, rainwater tanks, global warming, saving electricity and much more.
* Architects: hao Thuc Hoang, Nguyen Duy Thanh * Architects and Invester: 1 +1> 2 groups * Location: Suoi re village, Luong son, Hoa Binh province, Vietnam * Project year: 2010
Located in suoi re, Luong son, Hoa Binh province, the community house was built with a natural concept that rely on foot in the mountains and the valley stretches in front of extraordinary. Contextual surroundings, as well as architectural typology and Muong kinh built with a modern interior structure as a comparison from outside to inside the building. On the whole room is set on an ongoing basis where the front room there yangg page open, the main guest room is located in the middle of the house and consists of two floors that merge with each other. Upstairs we can find areas of study room, library and meeting place. Overall, the utilization of open space and flexibility are the focal point in determining the layout of this building plan. The ground floor is built with smooth rocks, while the bamboo door closing alleys and bamboo ceiling warm the room was built with a simple and economical fashion with local materials. A land with a wall ornament stones that support the structure, and a bamboo roof frame will also be decorated with palm leaves to provide protection from above.

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Title: Library Versatility is Made of Bamboo in Vietnam
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Library Versatility is Made of Bamboo in Vietnam


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