APARTMENT buildings unique

1. The apartments are made ​​of ping pong balls
Daniel Arsham's apartment in Brooklyn is a place measuring 90 meters square, it's big enough to fit a toothbrush, but the decor is so sleek and minimal. The attic apartment is connected to the office where Arsam work, which serves as a place to sleep and change clothes. But what makes this apartment unique is that its wall composed of 25,000 ball pimpong.

2. The world's smallest apartment
 The couple from New York, and Christopher Zaarath Prokops, lived in a studio measuring 175 square feet, they do not cook in their own kitchens, and keep most of their clothes in the laundry. The only kitchen appliance they are just a Cappucino machine, but Prokops said that they were happy with the house purchased at a cost of U.S. $ 150,000 a few months ago. They must pay off the mortgage in just over 2 years.

3. Hamster Wheel Apartments
Imitating the hamster wheel, which makes the conceptual design of the room in a giant wheel. When you turn the wheel, would require leg strength and change the orientation function. In other words, rotate 180 degrees, the kitchen will be the ceiling and the floor will be the living room. These apartments are ideal for those who feel like a rat.

4. Apartment is in the design it self
It is always interesting when famous fashion designer show house interior. This apartment is owned by a French designer, Jean-Paul Gaultier, located in front of the Eiffel tower with stunning views of Paris. Her interior design looks a little unique and monochromatic because the lines that stretched across the walls of apartments, floor and furniture. There was also a garden and room doll. Garden room are all covered with plants, living doll also serves as a bedroom. Corset dress of the doll market into the night sleeping giant blanket.

5. The apartments are made ​​of paper
Artist Don Lucho has created the "Casa de Carton": the entire apartment, including a toilet, bed, and even equipment, made ​​from paper and cardboard. Although his motivation is unclear, it still looks impressive. These apartments have all the furniture and other items as well as kitchen and bedroom. Being in this board room will make you feel like part of the picture. In addition to the house, he also made ​​a faulty car made ​​of cardboard, and placed it on the road to look realistic.

6. Apartemen dihiasi lukisan di beton
It seems only one on the 13th floor lobby of the building with a concrete class in Ukraine is painted with a painting. Women who live in one apartment is required to keep it that way. According to him, several neighbors protested the appearance of this room and they even tried to destroy works of art. But he's still keeping the room regardless of protests from neighbors.

7. Cinema-turned-apartment
 You're looking at a studio apartment that was previously used for-Astoria Plaza Cinema opened in 1931. We do not know if this is a consequence of Astoria Cinemas hit by financial crisis, but we know that with a 1 bedroom apartment located in downtown Stockholm was sold at a price of U.S. $ $ 3,216,400. Part of his loft measuring 423 square meters with a terrace measuring 39 square meters. In addition to an impressive size, this place also features a large closet, luxurious bathroom with a sauna, recreation area of Japan, a ring of fire, palm trees as high as 5 meters, and more.

Other apartments 
Expo 67 – Montreal Quebec, Canada
Nakagin Capsule Tower – Tokyo, Japan
 Container City 1 – London, UK
Turning Torso Building – Malmö, Sweden
Wozoco’s Apartment – Amsterdam, Netherlands
Elephant Building – Bangkok, Thailand
Urban Cactus High Rise – Amsterdam, Netherlands
MVRDV Stackable High Rise – Rødovre, Copenhagen 
 Suite Vollard – Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil
 Marina City – Chicago, Illinois
 Forest Spiral – Hundertwasser Building – Darmstadt, Germany
 Cubic Houses – Rotterdam, Netherlands
 Dancing House – Prague, Czech Republic
  VM Apartments – Copenhagen, Denmark
 The Interlace/OMA – Singapore – TO BE BUILT
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APARTMENT buildings unique

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