Envision Green Hotel, Hotel Green the Energy Wind Energy

Envision Green Hotel is proposed for the city of Miami-based Michael Rosenthal Associates Radical Innovation in design competitions. Section wind towers, the structure of urban eco-resort is touted as one of the most recognizable landmarks of the city where eventually be placed.
Operations such as living organisms, Envision literally breathe through the wind and atmospheric conversion system, which allows natural air into the interior of buildings without mechanical intervention. Photovoltaic energy provides the building exterior envelope, while the indoor gardens at various levels, creating a mini micro air filter and acts as additional insulation. recycling pool in the vicinity of the structure function as catch basins, water reservoirs, fire barriers, and indispensable decorative water features. Power from wind turbines to create steam heating boiler and chiller water to plants under cold and hot hotel structure.
In the hotel, the rooms will be designed on the 4 foot double to meet the standard sized materials and reducing construction waste. A high efficiency LED will illuminate interior systems, and non-toxic. In addition to typical water-saving equipment, Envision Green Hotel will use rainwater for flushing and irrigation. The rooms also will include mood pad control unit that allows each guest to control the lighting and selecting digital groovy image that will reflect through the glass walls and ceilings.
Exterior curtain wall LED will change color throughout the night to show the progress of time, making Envision light effect at night.

Title: Envision Green Hotel, Hotel Green the Energy Wind Energy
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Published :2011-05-01T23:02:00-07:00
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Envision Green Hotel, Hotel Green the Energy Wind Energy


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