Chester Zoo, a amazing zoo

Proctor and Matthews Architects designhas teamed up with AECOM and Barton Willmore to build Biodome zoo in Chester Zoo and is expected to be able to build the zoo as a zoo in Europe 's biggest conservation, and has a tourist attraction .

In 2014, Chester Zoo (Chester Zoo) in northern England will be home to "The Heart of Africa" The zoo will have a height 34 meters wide and will emiliki greater than Tropical Houses in Eden. This project has an area of ​​16,000 square meters sbesar and will simulate natural rain forest habitat of the Congo in Africa. The zoo will have a wave-shaped roof that will be one of the largest ETFE structure and the inside will contain a forest canopy with an authentic climate. Zoo will be home to a gorilla, a large troop of chimpanzees, Okapi (creatures like giraffes-rare), birds, amphibians, reptiles, fish, and invertebrates. In this zoo will be given an interactive water trip that will provide a broad view of the animal cages.
The zoo is expected that this will open in 2014

Title: Chester Zoo, a amazing zoo
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Chester Zoo, a amazing zoo

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