Transformation Microsoft Windows from years 1980

DOS is (are) the operating system that uses command-line interface used by computer users in the decade of the 1980s. To boot computer facilities and run multiple software applications, such as WAS and Lotus. There are still many DOS functions that are used in contemporary times, especially in resolving some troubleshooting on computer hardware. Although it could be done on the GUI-based operating system. The following DOS functions. • Organising or control the computer activity • Set up memory • Set the input and output data • Management files • Management directory
Family DOS divided into bebrapa classes, namely:
1. MS-DOS (Microsoft Disk Operating System), including the Tandy DOS, Compaq DOS, Q-DOS (Quick and Dirty Operating System) and several clones of MS-DOS operating systems are sold to makers of computer system IBM PC / Compatible .
2.IBM PC-DOS (International Business Machines Personal Computer Disk Operating System), which, though still made by Microsoft, changed a little bit to be used by IBM PC computer.
3.DR-DOS (Digital Research Disk Operating System), which is made by the makers of the operating system CP / M, Gary Kildall.
4.Novell Personal Netware, a DR-DOS version that was sold to Novell because the company that shaded the CP / M went bankrupt (Novell acquired Digital Research Incorporated).
5.Caldera DOS, a version of Novell Personal Netware sold to Caldera Corporation.
6.FreeDOS, is a DOS version that was built from the remnants of the development of Caldera DOS, developed by the open source community.

 Windows Desktop Environment
On the computer, a desktop environment (DE) (table} environment generally refers to a style of graphical user interface (GUI = Graphical User Interface) which mememperlihatkan figurative desk in a modern computer screen. [1] ED is the most popular alternatives as a replacement line interface command (CLI = command line interface) is now commonly used is limited by computer experts. [2]

A DE typically consists of icons, the window (window), toolbars, folders, background (wallpaper), and desktop widgets. (See WIMP) [3]

Operating system Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X each having its own DE. UNIX / Linux also has a variety of ED, including the most popular are GNOME and KDE.

Windows 95 is a hybrid 16-bit/32-bit operating system produced by Microsoft. Windows 95 was introduced to the public on August 14, 1995, following an aggressive advertising campaign from Microsoft.

Windows 95 was introduced by using the design menu "Start ", an innovative menu to access the program group (replacement Program Manager), but it also introduced as a substitute for Windows Explorer File Manager, support plug-and-play, support programs MS-DOS and Windows 16 -bit and Windows 32-bit, and support for file names (file) long, which supports the naming of up to 256 characters, and optionally Microsoft Internet Explorer browser.

Windows NT is a 32-bit operating system from Microsoft that became the ancestor operating systems Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, and Windows Vista. The operating system initially supports several microprocessor platforms, starting from the Intel 80x86 (until now), MIPS R4x00 (discontinued in Windows NT version 4.0), Digital Equipment Corporation Alpha AXP (discontinued in the version of Windows 2000 Beta 3), IBM PowerPC (starting from version of Windows NT 3.51 and stopped on the version of Windows NT 4.0), and several other platforms, such as Clipper and SPARC (not released to the public, because it is made by a third party, Intergraph). Currently, the Windows NT-based operating system supports only the Intel 80x86 platform, the Intel IA64 and AMD64 (or x64), while other platforms are not supported anymore, given the lack of support from third parties for these processors. 
Windows 98 is the Windows operating system that Microsoft released on June 25, 1998. Windows 98 is a development of Windows 95, and then forwarded by Windows Me. The period of his full support ended on July 11, 2006

Windows 2000 (or Windows NT 5.0 build 2159) is a version of the Windows operating system which is a development version of the Windows NT version 4.0, released by Microsoft on February 17, 2000 in the United States, after several delays to its launch.

Windows XP is a line of graphical operating systems made ​​by Microsoft for use on personal computers, including home and business desktop computers, laptops, and media center (Media Center). The name "XP" is short for "Experience". Windows XP is the successor to Windows 2000 Professional and Windows Me, and is the first Windows operating system version of consumer-oriented built on the Windows NT kernel and architecture. Windows XP was first released on October 25, 2001, and more than 400 million copies of the installation used in January 2006, according to an analyst firm IDC estimates. Windows XP is replaced by Windows Vista, which was released to volume license users on 8 November 2006, and around the world to the general public on January 30, 2007. Many Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and retail sales also stop production of the device with Windows XP on June 30, 2008. Microsoft itself continued to sell Windows XP through Custom-built PC (small OEM that sells assembled computers) until 31 January 2009. Windows XP may still be available for corporate users with volume licensing, as a means to downgrade to computers that are not yet ready to run the new operating system, Windows Vista Business Edition or Ultimate Edition or Windows 7 Professional.

Windows Vista adalah versi terbaru Microsoft Windows, sistem operasi berbasis grafis dari Microsoft yang digunakan pada komputer pribadi (PC), baik untuk pengguna rumahan maupun bisnis, pada komputer laptop, maupun media center.

Sebelum diumumkan dengan nama Windows Vista pada 22 Juli 2005, sistem operasi ini lebih dikenal dengan codename Longhorn (berasal dari nama Longhorn Saloon, sebuah bar terkenal di Whistler, British Columbia, Kanada).

Microsoft meluncurkan Windows Vista pada 8 November 2006 untuk pengguna bisnis, dan 30 Januari 2007 untuk pengguna rumahan. Dengan demikian, peluncuran Windows Vista ini berjarak lebih dari lima tahun sejak peluncuran Windows XP pada 25 Oktober 2001.

Windows 7 (formerly berkodekan Blackcomb or Vienna) is the latest version of Microsoft Windows that replaces Windows Vista. [2]. It has a kernel of Windows NT 6.1. Microsoft announces that development of Windows 7 will run in three years. Client version of Windows 7 released in 32-bit and 64-bit version of its server though (which replaces the Windows Server 2008) was released only in 64-bit version, called Windows Server 2008 R2. The computer will let you know if there is a change on the computer. Windows 7 was launched on October 22, 2009. Each user will have 3 layers of protection if there is a request to download files from an unknown. Windows 7 is designed with new features and improved performance of Windows Vista
Windows Me, Windows ME, or Windows Millennium Edition is a version of Windows that is designed specifically for home users, and is intended to replace the previous operating system market, Windows 98. Windows can run without the help of the MS-​​DOS. Windows itself is the operating system made ​​by Microsoft Corporation. As with previous Windows versions, Windows Me operating system is a transition between 16-bit to 32-bit, so all the programs 16-bit and 32-bit can be supported properly. By Microsoft, Windows ME was launched on September 14, 2000.

Windows Mobile is one of the operating system (OS) developed by Microsoft's mobile and designed for use in smartphones and other wireless devices. The current version is called 'Windows Mobile 6.5'. OS is based on Windows CE 5.2 Kernel, and its features are developed using Microsoft Windows API. Windows Mobile is designed in such a way as to resemble the version of the Windows Desktop. In addition, third party software development is available for Windows Mobile. First released as Pocket PC 2000 operating system, most Windows Mobile devices equipped with Stylus Pen, which is used to enter commands in a way to tap her on the screen. Microsoft announced a new platform, Windows 7 Series, at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on February 15, 2010. Devices that use Windows Mobile 6.x series can not be upgraded to Windows Mobile Series 7. 

Windows Aero adalah graphical user interface dalam sistem operasi Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 dan Windows Server 2008 R2. Namanya adalah akronim dari Authentic, Energetic, Reflective, and Open. Aero menggantikan Luna dan menampilkan gambar transparan, live thumbnails, live icons, dan animasi. Icon dalam Aero dirancang oleh The Iconfactory.

Sebelum Windows Vista Beta 1 diluncurkan pada bulan Juli 2005, tema yang digunakan adalah Plex, Slate, dan Jade. Microsoft mulai menggunakan Aero sejak build 5048. Mulanya, Aero memiliki tiga level yang dinamai "To Go" (tidak memiliki Desktop Window Manager composition engine), AeroExpress, dan AeroGlass. Namun hal ini kemudian diubah menjadi dua level, yaitu "Windows Vista Aero" dan "Windows Vista Basic". Hal ini dilakukan agar Vista dapat digunakan dalam komputer lama yang tidak memiliki kemampuan grafik tinggi. Default font untuk Aero adalah Segoe UI. Ukuran default dinaikkan dari 8pt ke 9pt agar lebih mudah dibaca. 

Windows Explorer is a software application that becomes an integral part of several versions of Microsoft Windows operating system that provides a graphical interface for users to access the file system (either a disk file system or network file system). This Windows component that represents the interface to the user at the monitor and allow the user to control a computer running the Windows operating system. Sometimes, Windows Explorer is also referred to as the Windows GUI shell, or "Explorer"course. 

Windows Live Messenger is an instant messenger program that initially called MSN Messenger and Windows Messenger. This program was launched by Microsoft as a substitute for MSN Messenger on June 19, 2006. 
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Transformation Microsoft Windows from years 1980

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