Robot to witness the marriage

Japan is already known for its technological advances, especially in the field of robotics. Many of Japan's robot production that has been circulated widely on the market, including robot dogs, robot toy, until the robot cartoon character Hello Kitty.

Robots are mostly produced to help owners do simple house chores or can also serve as a friend to play with the kids. However, ever occurred to you that the robots can also serve as a witness to the wedding?

A robot named I-Fairy yesterday (16 / 5) to witness the marriage Tomohiro Shibata (42) and Satoko Inoue (36) in a restaurant in the area of ​​Hibiya Park, Tokyo. The robot that measures 1.5 meters are invited to kiss Inoue Shibata after both marriage vows and declared as husband and wife. I-Fairy is the first robot who led the ceremony, told Xinhua (17 / 5).

"This is fun. I think many Japanese people also argue that the robot can be a friend. The people who work in the robotics industry will understand this, but many were still using robots to serve them, "said Inoue, who works at Kokoro, the company that created the first robotic-Fairy.

"It would be fun again if the robot is designed more intelligently, but I-Fairy is good enough to express themselves in this event," said Shibata, a professor of robotics at the Institute for Science and Technology Nara, Japan.

Currently, I-Fairy marketed at a price 6.3 million yen or the equivalent of USD 68,000. By Kayako Kido, a spokesman for the company Kokoro, already there are 3 countries that have this robot that is Singapore, the United States, and Japan.
Title: Robot to witness the marriage
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Robot to witness the marriage

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