IceCube Antarctic, Neutrino Observatory Greatest in the World.

IceCube Neutrino Observatory is designed to detect blue light, called Cherenkov radiation that arise from individual neutrino reactions when atoms hit the ice. By recording the light pattern of those impacts, expected the scientists to identify the flow of high energy cosmic rays and neutrino passing through the galaxy accurately.
"At first glance, IceCube experiment might look like a 'crazy'. How can you study the sky through a detector which is buried a mile beneath the ice?" The answer is none other than because the Antarctic ice surface is very clear, almost completely free of air bubbles and other distortions. So that researchers can minimize the risk of distortion of experimental results.
IceCube construction process itself is estimated to cost U.S. $ 279 million or around Rp 2.5 trillion. IceCube is also equipped with large telescopes that are embedded in the 1,400 meters below the earth's surface. Big project is led by the University of Wisconsin - Madison USA.

 ilustrasi digital optik

Investment Process IceCube Digital Optical Module

Cosmic rays are high energy particles in space are thought to have come from the remnants of dead stars. Recent research shows that cosmic rays galaxies can change Earth's climate, affecting weather, triggering storms and cloud cover.

Neutrino, or neutron small, is a name given by the physicist and Nobel laureate known from Germany: Wolfgang Pauli. Neutrinos are particles attracted the attention of physicists because kemisteriusannya. Neutrino is also one of the basic building than the universe that, together with electron, muon, and tau, are included in a class of particles called leptons. Leptons together with the six types of quark particle is the basic building blocks of all objects in the universe.

Title: IceCube Antarctic, Neutrino Observatory Greatest in the World.
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IceCube Antarctic, Neutrino Observatory Greatest in the World.

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