The Strata, Building First to Use Power Turbine

The Strata or also known as The Razor. A skyscraper with a height of 148 meters and has 43 floors, as well as the world's first building with three wind turbines that would generate enough power to meet 8% of energy needs. Designed by BFLS (formerly Hamilton), is the tallest residential buildings in London and will be home to more than 1,000 penduduk.Strata is the first building that integrates directly into the facades of its turbines generate a 50MWh electricity per year. Developed and signed by Brookfield Europe.
This building was first proposed in 2005, construction began in 2007 and completed in June 2010.Biaya estimated at 113.5 million pounds. The building was completed in June 2009. While the turbines installed in May 2010.

This building is the first skyscraper in the world to use the power turbine.each one's turbine had 19KW power has 5 blades that will reduce noise during operation. function of this turbine is to generate energy power sendiri.Sementara was equipped with vibration dampers will keep buildings standing firm on earth.
 skyscrapers also includes green building as the exclusive use of natural ventilation, high-performance glass and energy efficiency 

Title: The Strata, Building First to Use Power Turbine
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The Strata, Building First to Use Power Turbine

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