OHKA - Japanese planes bomb Contains Human

Ohka (桜 花, Oka?, cherry blossoms) is one of the planes used in the suicide mission of the Imperial Japanese Navy (Kaigun) towards the end of World War II in the Pacific battlefield or the Greater East Asia War (Dai Toa Senso).
Figure Ohka Kamikaze which was officially established Laksdya Takijiro Ohnishi on October 20, 1944, in fact, not only consist of bomb laden aircraft pilot who crashed into enemy warships. Japanese Navy was also preparing to fly a bomb, a rocket loaded with explosives. This flying bomb dropped from a bomber plane. Once separated from its mother plane, the rocket engine is lit and melesatkan rocket toward the target. Controlling a pilot, because the radio control system was still in development.
A young Navy lieutenant named Shohichi Ota is known as the originator of the idea of ​​this flying bomb. He thought, basil suicide attack with this weapon will be much bigger than an aircraft loaded with bombs. For more high-speed rockets and explosive charges were greater. Ota is known trying hard `sell 'the idea to his superiors. On a day of mid 1944, he came to the Laboratory for Research Aeronautik AL and meet leaders of design "Future Aircraft", Lieutenant Colonel Tadano Mild, an officer of a reliable technique. 
Profile Ohka flying bomb which is equipped with a pilot-controlled rocket. A number of Japanese bombers, Mitsubishi G4M2, which could serve as penggendong Ohka prior to launch to target enemy. 
In a meeting attended by the leadership of Admiral Misao Wada laboratory and several other researchers officers, Letda Oka explain the concept of rocket bombs which can be released from a Betty bomber attack from Mitsubishi. Rocket propellant is condensing hydrogen peroxide and hydrated hydrogen. Developed liquid fuel has been used Mitsubishi Japanese Army to develop a rocket. Ota said propellant is also used German rocket Comets. Mild but not impressed. "This person must be stupid. Is this what he called a new weapon? "Thought Mild. 
Controlled pilot 
Mild then asked about the control system, but Lieutenant Ota did not immediately answer and even looked a little nervous. Mild also repeated his question, by explaining that he meant the equipment to ensure that the rocket will be right on target. Ota then nodded and replied. "Someone who was in it." Mild not believe what he heard. "What," cried mixture of disbelief and anger. "You are truly an idiot. We will never make such goods, "added Mild. 

Some Japanese soldiers were swarming Ohka Glide Bomb at a place and then not be flown.
Ota's face reddened, but trying to stay calm. He then reminded how the Japanese position in this war is increasingly worrisome. Enemy control of air, and Japan is unlikely to stop the enemy invasion force only with the conventional way. "My plan is to destroy enemy aircraft carrier fleet by crashing itself in order to reverse the situation. This is vital for the survival of our country. Therefore, we must make these weapons. "

Fierce debate ended when Lieutenant Colonel Mild asked Ota. "You suggest this weapon crashed into targets, but who will memilotinya." Jump Lieutenant Ota replied, "Of course I would do." After the meeting, Mild suspicion that Lakshmana Wada AL research laboratory as lead manager had secretly supported the idea of ​​Ota , and will even recommend it to higher ranks in the Navy Headquarters.
Profil Ohka dalam kondisi utuh dan ditempatkan di museum Smithsonian, AS. Ohka Model 22 ini dibawa dari Jepang pada Desember 1945 dan baru masuk Smithsonian tahun 1948.

It was true. Wada forward ideas to the Department Aeronautik AL Ota, which immediately follow it up. Eventually this got to the leadership of the General Staff Headquarters AL. They are interested because these weapons may indeed be useful in Operation Sho will be waged to resist the American invasion. Mid-August 1944 out instructions to the Navy for Research Laboratory Aeronautik start trial production rocket bomb codenamed Dai Maru. Maru means circle, and Dai which can also be read as "0", is in honor of its discoverer, Shoichi Ota. Mild was surrendered.

Flying bomb was designed to have long 6.07 m, height 1.16 m, and wing span of 5.12 m. Wing rocket weighing 140 kg, 360 kg rocket on the body, and 440 kg of the fuselage itself. Reached 1200 kg of explosives, so that the weight of all these flying bombs 2140 kg. Various tests carried out intensively, including by Tadano Mild, engineering officer who initially strongly opposed to the rocket for the suicide attack.

Situation and map Kanoya Air Base in Kyushu which is the base for kamikaze group Thunder Gods Corps.
The only problem is the distance at Dai Maru home range, at best, only reached 60 km. Though the distance to fly American planes to protect warships at 90 km. This means that before it is close enough to the target, Dai Maru carrier bombers to attack by enemy patrol planes. Therefore there is no other way, Japanese bombers should be able to penetrate the American patrol aircraft, as well as achieving a distance of only 25-30 km from the target to release the flying bomb. For it is necessary to protect the hunter aircraft. Early September, the Navy laboratory facilities are kept confidential loud, appeared the two aircraft rocket bomb that had been completed.

Both are specific to flight testing, and formally named Ohka or 'Cherry flowers are explode ". On both sides of his nose, painted pink cherry blossom colored or pink. Test fly with detachable from Betty bombers otherwise managed, including an Ohka capable of landing back by the pilot. But there is also a pilot who died when the failed landing. After a series of trials, in November began to do exercises for potential pilots.

Thunder Gods Corps

The pilot who joined the Thunder Gods Corps (Thunder Gods Corps) was led by Colonel Motoharu Okamura, who from the beginning involved in the program development and the formation of corps Ohka pilots. Okamura since mid-1944 always suggested how specific attacks against the American fleet. The term 'special attack' this is just to smooth the word `re suicide attacks. January 1945 came to the Emperor's envoy corps base, expressed appreciation for the spirit of its pilots who was already more than 150 people.

Two Mitsubishi bombers G4 M2.
Next corps deployed, among other things also to southern Japan to bases in Taiwan and Shanghai. The headquarters of this corps in Konoya air base in Kyushu, southern Japan. Corps at that time other than already has 162 aircraft and 72 Ohka its parent, also get a 108 plane Z Zero-Attack type specifically for suicide attacks. Meanwhile, preparation for the invasion of enemies more so. American aircraft continued to perform pengintaaian and attacks against various targets in Japan, including start taking B-29 strategic bombers.

On 17 March, Laksdya Matome Ugaki as the Commander of the Fifth Air Fleet Navy received reports of enemy fleet approaching Kyushu. Ugaki continue to monitor. At dawn March 18 is ordered to prepare an all-out attack. But that day no fewer than 1460 U.S. aircraft attack precedes. After the attack, Thunder Gods Corps Ugaki requested to take action first. But the onslaught of great Americans came again, so that Japan plans to operate Ohta berkamikaze failed.

 Task Failed
New on March 21, the official order came for the first mission Thunder Gods Corps. Get started immediately, and Lieutenant Kent Mitsuhashi and 14 pitnya first task to attack with bombs flying. They cut the nails and hair, put it in a wooden box with a farewell letter 7agi their parents. 

A number of pilot mainstay of the Thunder Gods Corps are posing in front of the aircraft while developing laughter Zero (hawah). Duties as a kamikaze pilot who is believed as a vehicle to maintain national honor and nationalism did not cause them fear death but instead carried out with great pride. 
The release ceremony, attended by Admiral Ugaki, while the corps commander Colonel stammered Dkamura mengucapan farewell to 15 of his men. In turn Mitsuhashi to speak, he simply said, "I have no other words to be submitted. Let us die together. " 
The first suicide attack with a "cherry blossom explosion" have failed. Pilot aircraft Zero bodyguard who managed to come back full of bullet holes in his plane said, that they were ambushed by about 50 American aircraft. So within 10 minutes, nine aircraft and two-parent Betty other bombers specifically for the task of suicide attacks, fell from the air. Zero plane guard tried to fight, but lost and had to split up. Betty was forced to discard some Ohta them before their time, to be more agile to avoid attack enemy aircraft. Zero pilots had reported at the last remaining four Betty, which is then seen flying wing to wing and meeting together dived into the sea. 
Although on his debut failed miserably, but attacks by Ohka continues. The results are generally less fit as expected. American Sehingg was even mocked the Japanese weapons as the Baka or 'Crazy', Eventually on August 22, or one week after the Japanese surrender, Thunder Gods Corps was disbanded on the orders of the Fifth Air Fleet which had been abandoned by the Navy commander Admiral Ugaki. He has been doing the last suicide attack at Okinawa by bombers-hatchlings on 15 August. Corps commander Colonel Okamura busy burning korpsnya document. "All what we've created and run, stay now be history," he said. 
Fate Shoichi Ota, inventor Ohka, after the war changed mysteriously. There is mention he actually is not the inventor of the flying bomb weapon, but merely a puppet manipulated by some AL leaders. They are ashamed and afraid when known as the originator of suicide attacks by flying bombs. Other reports suggested Ota hid and disguised as villagers with a changed name. There are also saying he never borrowed money from former members of the Thunder Gods Corps, but then disappeared. Effort to trace a source for history never succeeded until now.

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OHKA - Japanese planes bomb Contains Human


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