6. Unique stadiums in the world

1. Vesturi á Eiðinum Stadium
The stadium is used for football in the peninsula of the island. Its location in the Faroe Islands, with a capacity of 3000 people. No less interesting, also there was a man in a boat during the game fell into the sea when gathering the ball.
2. Podium Apung Marina Bay
The world's largest floating stadium in Singapore. Made entirely of steel, podium apungnya length 120 m, width 83 m, larger 5% of the National Soccer Stadium. Can withstand the load weighing 1070 tons (equal to the total weight of 9,000 people, 200 tonnes of equipment, and 30 tons of military vehicles). While stands the stadium with a capacity of 30,000 people.

3. Stadion Osaka
The stadium is used for baseball in Naniwaku, Osaka, Japan. Previous Represents headquarters Nankai Hawks who later moved to the Stadium Heiwadai 1988. Darling and Osaka Stadium was converted into housing. because it was never used by the game - the game of football, Osaka Stadium was destroyed in 1998 and then built Shopping Center at that location.

4. Stadium Against Gravity

5. Eco Stage
The stadium is no concrete. Eco Janguito Malucelli Stadium is in Curitiba, Brazil. The stadium has become renowned for the first phase of reforestation in Brazil. Spectator chairs placed on the hill. So-called Eco stadium (read: Ecosystem). That stadium which refers to the ecosystem

6. Braga Stadium
The stadium is really weird but keren.hehe .. The stadium is in Braga, Portugal. The stadium was built next to mine (Monte Castro) that overlooks the city of Braga. Stadium design was inspired by the ancient Incas of South America. The process of removal of boulders, estimated at 83.1 million Euros. Greater than the cost of construction of any stadium for Euro 2004.

Title: 6. Unique stadiums in the world
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6. Unique stadiums in the world

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