Surgical operation using a robot

The team of doctors at a British hospital for the first time successfully perform cardiac surgery using a robotic rhythm, which is controlled from a distance. The success of the operation using a robot that means the opportunity for cardiac patients treated by doctors from other cities, even from other countries.
Robotic Surgery began commonly applied in developed countries and can be used in patients with various diseases, ranging gynecological cancer, coronary heart disease, kidney cancer, and cancer of the bladder.
Ng was the first doctor in the world to perform remote operations on human patients using a system called Remote Catheter Manipulation System. The device was developed by the Catheter Robotics Inc., a company from the United States. The company hopes the long-distance operating procedures that can be carried out on patients around the world in the future.
In robotic surgery, the Ng insert a thin tube called a catheter into a vein at the top of the groin and pushed it into the chambers of the heart. Electrodes at the catheter recording and stimulating various regions of the heart to help doctors identify the cause of heart rhythm problems, which are usually associated with abnormalities in the heart's electrical system.
Once the area is identified, one of the catheter is positioned at that location to burn and heal damaged tissue. Disposal of damaged tissue using the catheter has been developed and used effectively during the last two decades of pounding heart disease patients, which is caused by a heart rhythm disturbance.Although located outside the operating room during surgical procedures take place, Ng said still felt in complete control and can see and talk with other medical staff in addition to the patient.
The main advantage of this procedure is the doctor did not need to wear heavy protective clothing antiradiasi, such as lead apron. Clothing was commonly used in the operating room because of the danger of X-ray radiation, which is used to demonstrate the organ in the body of the patient.
Operations are complicated and time can also create physician fatigue and lack of concentration, not to mention the risk of exposure to high radiation.

Title: Surgical operation using a robot
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Surgical operation using a robot

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