Worker and Kolkhoz Woman Monument

This statue was originally created for the crown of the Soviet pavilion (architect: Boris Iofan) from World's Fair, The committee has placed the Soviet and German pavilions facing each other on the main pedestrian boulevard at the Trocadéro on the northern bank. Seine.
Mukhina was inspired by her studies of classical Harmodius and Aristogeiton, Victory of Samothrace and La Marseillaise, the statue François Rude to the Arc de Triomphe, to bring the composition of monumental socialist realist belief into the heart of Paris. The symbolism of the two figures stepped from East to West, as determined by the layout of the pavilion, was also not lost by the audience.
Although as Mukhina said, the statue was intended "to continue the ideas inherent in the building, and the statue is an integral part of the overall structure", after fair and Kolkhoz Women Workers moved to Moscow where he was stationed outside the People's Economic Achievements Exhibition.
In 1941, Mukhina sculpture acquired one of the early batch of Stalin Prize.
the statue was removed for restoration in the fall of 2003 in preparation for Expo 2010. The original plan was for it to return in 2005, but because of the World's Fair was not given to Moscow, but to Shanghai, the restoration process is hampered by financial problems and pending re-installation. See 2007 photo sculpture dismantled.
It is finally back to his place in VDNKH on November 28, 2009. reveal the restored monument was held on the night of December 4, 2009, accompanied by fireworks statue restored using a new pavilion as its base, overall height increased from 34.5 meters (10-meter buffer that old) to 60 feet (34.5 meters plus a new pavilion 24.5-meter high statue itself)

Title: Worker and Kolkhoz Woman Monument
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Worker and Kolkhoz Woman Monument

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