10 Beach hidden in the Mediterranean

1. Cabo de Gata, Spanyol 
Some of the most beautiful beaches and bustling Spanish stretched between the cliffs and headland to the east of Almeria where dark volcanic hills stands firmly above the shimmering turquoise ocean. Although the Cabo de Gata was not in between it all, this beach still has a wild flavor with fishing villages scattered.

2. Cap de Favartix, Menorca, Spanyol 
North Coast Menorca rough and rocky, yet interspersed with small bays beautiful. Compared to the southern, less developed northern coast, but with a little walk, you will find some of the best beaches. One of them is the Cap de Favartix, a narrow rocky promontory at the northern end of the Parc des Grau Nature S'Albufera.
Cap de Favartix presents beautiful underwater to view the lighthouse that stands firmly staring at the sea. Meanwhile in the southern promontory extending some secluded bays and fine sandy beaches, including Cala Presili and Platja d'en Tortuga, both of which are accessible only by foot.

3. Banyuls, Prancis 
Village on the Beach Vermeille Banyuls, France, better known for its wine than the views of the beach, but there are tracks that should be followed there. The soumarin Sentier, trail under water as deep as 500 meters at the Plage de Peyrefite, midway between Banyuls and Cerbère and in a protected marine area has five points of information underwater snorkeling offers a unique experience for free.
If you have own equipment, you can swim any time during July and August, or can rent fins and masks for 7 euros (about Rp86 thousand) from noon to 17:00 local time.

4. Cala Gonone, Sardinia, Italia
Powered by cliffs with tree-speckled pohom visible from a distance, a small tourist town of Cala Gonone enjoy the stunning setting. With so many hotels, bars and restaurants, the city has become a very good start to explore the small bays along the stretch of the beautiful Sardinian coast.
For the best beaches, you must travel by boat through the ocean. From the harbor, the boat will be heading south to the Grotta del blooming Marino, a cave complex. From there, follow a series of bays and beaches, ranging from Cala Luna and Cala Sisine supported by a green valley up to the cobalt blue waters of Cala Cala Goloritze Mariolu and extraordinary.

5. Semenanjung Delimara, Malta 
Renting a car and fled the resort of Malta, you can go to the Peninsula Delimara. There are a number of good swimming spot along the coast. Although it's difficult to find, but the nature referred Lido Swimming Peter worth seeking. In this pond you can laze on a sun-drenched soft rock and dive into the clear blue sea.
The nearest village, Marsaxlokk, which has a photogenic harbor filled with colorful fishing boats. The village is also famous for its seafood restaurants.

6. Pesisir pantai Tyrrhenian, Italia 
Resembling a mini-Amalfi, Basilicata's Tyrrhenian coast may be short (about 20 miles) but beautiful. Sandwiched between Calabria and Cilento peninsula, it's like a hidden cove with sandy beach backed majestic cliffs coast.

7. Kamenjak, Kroasia 
This is a rough, wild beauty of the small peninsula south of Pula that has obtained the status of â ~ suciâ € ™ among the connoisseurs of Croatian coast. A protected nature reserve, featuring overlays Kamenjak plants, shrubs and wild flowers with a few tracks the journey. All that is limited by a series of rocky bays and secluded beaches surrounded by a sea of ​​blue-green.
Kemanjak often busy in the summer, but there is always an empty beach to escape, plus some fun beach bar that fits for socializing.

8. Semenanjung Lustica, Montenegro
Along the southern coast of the Peninsula Lustica lay a clean and popular beach. At the base of the peninsula, just south of the main town Radovici, you will find Przno. White sand beach surrounded by a horseshoe of green shrubs, pine trees and olive trees.
Other activities are fun here is a boat trip to the Blue Grotto (Plava Spilja) fascinating because of the effect of light bouncing through the water. The boat will take you into the cave which has a 9 meters tall.

 9. Kabak, Turki
Secluded beach Kabak slowly become the end point for anyone who seeks solitude and ketanangan heavenly. Regardless of how the way through the steep road towards Kabak, you will be rewarded with spectacular beaches and empty cliffs flanked by two long.
Eight miles south of Faralya, Kabak is a great place for camping and trekking fans, even fans of yoga who seek tranquility and beauty that has not been utilized.

10. Gokceada, Turki 
Gokceada (Heavenly Island) is one of two inhabited islands are owned by the Turkish Aegean. Extends 13 kilometers from north to south and approximately 30 kilometers from east to west, Gokceada are places of interest with some dramatic scenery.
Gokceada is a great place to escape after visiting Gallipoli. For best viewing, you can visit the beach at Aydincik which became part of the island, as well as bordering the Tuz Golu (Salt Lake). There is also a smaller beach in Kapıkaya and Ugurlu.

Title: 10 Beach hidden in the Mediterranean
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10 Beach hidden in the Mediterranean


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