Harvest City, City of Industry Agriculture floating with a Beautiful Panorama

City Harvest, City of Industry that has floated a very beautiful scenery. Harvest City designed by Tangram 3DS is collaborating with Boston E. Architect / Designer Kevin Schopfer to visualize the draft design proposals to build an industrial city that floats off the coast of Haiti. The proposal development Harvest City has a goal to build a floating industrial city of Agriculture and therefore called the "City Harvest". City Harvest is described as a fully functioning dynamic city with 30,000 residents covering three main concepts. City Harvest is designed and is designed as a complex which has a diameter of 2 miles of a moored floating modules. The overall design is divided into four zones or communities interconnected by linear canal system. Four main channel that has built environment will focus consists of four story housing complex. Outer perimeter of the design-dominated "one hectare" crop circle with a secondary feeder lines. "Port" City, downtown homes with schools, administration, community activities and general market. The entire complex will float and the cable is designed and laid on the seabed. Due to the low profile, low weight design capacity die perimeter and attenuators waves, hurricanes and typhoons will have little effect other than a collection of much-needed water harvesting. Breakwater will be built to increase the stability of the city. Breakwater was built using the All Concrete Rubble from the quake. Concrete-Beto This will fill the Breakwater.

Three Major Concepts Harvest City
1. The creation of artificial soil, floating, productive and decent is needed for Haiti.
2. A city is designed based on the principle Arcology (Architecture and Ecology), which embodies an urban ecological and practical platform.
3. That the City of harvest should be defined as the "City Charter". City Charter is a relatively new economic model and sophisticated specifically developed to fight the nation.

Floating City Harvest City First in Haiti
The beauty of the scenery of this City Harvest, City Harvest has many parks spread throughout the island. Here we can see, wheat fields, coconut trees and other green trees. As Seen Harvest City is the first floating city to Haiti. Floating platform system allows for a grand plan to grow and link to the cities in the future other ports.

Title: Harvest City, City of Industry Agriculture floating with a Beautiful Panorama
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Harvest City, City of Industry Agriculture floating with a Beautiful Panorama

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