Komodo National Park

Dinyatakan : Menteri Kehutanan, tahun 1990
Ditunjuk : Menteri Kehutanan, SK No. 306/Kpts-II/95
Luas : 173.300 hektar
Ditetapkan ---
Letak : Kabupaten Manggarai, Provinsi Nusa Tenggara Timur Temperatur udara 17° - 43° C
Curah hujan : 800 – 1.000 mm/tahun
Ketinggian tempat : 0 – 735 meter dpl
Letak geografis : 8°23’ - 8°50’ LS, 119°22’ - 119°49’ BT
Komodo National Park consists of three large islands of Komodo, Rinca and Padar island as well as 26 large islands / other small. A total of 11 pieces of the mountain / hill in the Park with the highest peak is Mount Satalibo (± 735 meters above sea level).
Natural state of the dry and arid make a uniqueness. The existence of vast savannas, water resources are limited and temperatures hot enough, it turns out to be the habitat favored by a kind of ancient animals Komodo dragon (Varanus komodoensis).
Much of this national park is savanna with palm trees (Borassus flabellifer) the most dominant and distinctive. Some plants that exist in the Park, among others, rattan (Calamus sp.), Bamboo (Bambusa sp.), Acid (Tamarindus indica), bulging (Sterculia foetida), lote (Ziziphus jujuba), and mangrove (Rhizophora sp.)
In addition to the typical wildlife of Komodo, there are deer (Cervus timorensis floresiensis), wild boar (Sus scrofa), ajag (Cuon alpinus javanicus), wild horse (Equus qaballus), wild buffalo (Bubalus bubalis), 2 species of sea turtles, 10 species of dolphins , 6 species of whales and dugongs are often seen in marine waters of Komodo National Park.
The potential of marine life in this park, there were 259 types of coral and 1,000 species of fish such as barracuda, marlin, yellow tail, red snapper, baronang, and others.
Komodo National Park is a national asset that has the support of technical assistance to its management internationally, and has been designated as World Natural Heritage Site and Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.Komodo Habitat Savannah
Tourists mostly visit the Komodo National Park are foreign tourists, where they call this a national park with the nickname "own world". As far as the eye could see visible open field with a few palm trees that towered into the sky against a background straight chain of mountains, arid and barren impression on savanna but noisy by some of the sound of birds and wild horses, giant reptiles. Swimming and bathing under the hot sun and blue sea of ​​Flores, is a world unto itself and the experience is not forgotten by the tourists.
Some locations / attractions to be visited:Loh Liang. The main entrance to the wildlife observation activities on monsoon forest bordered by white sand beaches and cultural tourism.Pulau Lasa, Red Beach, Loh Bo and Sebita. Diving and snorkeling dive shop facilities and glass bottom boat.Banu Nggulung. Wildlife observation.
The best visiting season: March to June and October to December each year.
How to reach the location: Denpasar, Mataram, Bima, Sape (travel overland and ferry) for two days. From Sape national park by ferry. Denpasar-Labuan Bajo by plane twice a week, and by ferry or speedboat from Labuan Bajo to the Park.

Title: Komodo National Park
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Komodo National Park

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