The beauty of Huanglong valley in china

Established 1982. Large parts of these areas have received protection for hundreds of thousands of years, both because of their inaccessibility or because of their important position in local culture and religion of Tibet. This site is registered as a beautiful country district in 1982, the Sichuan provincial government provide legal protection throughout the site in January 1987. In 1992, a class of conservation zones and the second center is accepted as a natural World Heritage status based on meeting criteria (iii). Mouni Gully separate division to the west is not part of the World Heritage site.

Located on the west-north Sichaun Province, Huanglong valley of snow-capped mountain peaks and glaciers east of all Chinese. In addition to mountain scenery, diverse forest ecosystems can be found, as well as spectacular limestone formations, waterfalls and hot springs. This area also has a population of endangered animals, including giant pandas and golden monkeys of Sichuan snub-nosed.

Title: The beauty of Huanglong valley in china
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The beauty of Huanglong valley in china

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