All Time History of Human Cruelty

Martin luther King Jr “I have a dream
This photo was taken in Washington, U.S. equivalency in the human rights movement, hundreds of thousands of demonstrators, especially American blacks demanding equality rights on August 28, 1963, this is in response to discriminatory behavior of Americans for hundreds of years of African American race (black) , such as: Public Bus rear for blacks, and in front for whites. A black Nenek2 refused to sit behind the bus for reasons that are very famous "When I sat behind, then I will let my grandson was sitting behind, it's better I die than see it happen"

In a speech Martin Luther King say kata2 which is phenomenal and now a black skin is the first U.S. president to repeat kata2nya at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC, "Barack Obama"

"I have a dream That my four little children will from one day live in a nation Nowhere They will from not be judged by the color of Their skin but by the content of Their Character"

"A Ripple of Hope"

 If you have not seen the film Hotel Rwanda or Sometimes in April, immediately to watch .. you will see that people sometimes like animals, this photo shows the event where 10,000 refugees diRwanda Genocide Tutsi tribe gathered in church, they think that the church is a holy place (sanctuary), but this is a fatal mistake, ekstrimist Hutus massacred without mercy, about 10rb more refugees killed inside and outside the church, it only takes 5 hours to slaughter these refugees, and even if there are survivors is a woman who had raped dozens of times. April 1994, another one .. Hutu militants favorite weapon is the "Machetes" long sharp knife, all imports from China, cheap and practical

"Hotel Rwanda"
"Sometimes in April"
"shooting dogs"

Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp in Poland, Jews Genocide
(of the Jews by train to the dismissal of a distinguished auscwitz phenomenal)
You must know the Genocide of the Jews by the Nazis, but if you know where Camp Genocide's largest and most take a lot of casualties? Auschwitz-Birkenau answer is in polish, this place is the house butcher for hundreds of thousands of Jews, generally the priority is their slaughter The gay, gypsies, politicians, people with disabilities, women / fertility, this place becomes a central slaughter capacity due to a gas chamber 1000 people, the victims were deliberately put in a fake room bathroom complete with showernya, but that comes out is not water but a poisonous gas called ziklon B, the camp is the result of fruit and Himler Goebler hand, right hand of Hitler during World War II (7 April 1940 )

for illustration: an estimated 1935 Jews in polish 3.3 jt people, after the Nazi occupation only trace 270rb people or more 90% dead

Camp was successfully liberated by Red Army soldiers (Russia), Germany army first before killing most of the prisoners and the rest are those who are lucky because the German army ran out of bullets

"Schindler's list"
"The Pianist"

Srebrenica Mass Murder, Bosnia
Sebrenica is a city in Bosnia Herzegovina. The city holds bad memories about the mass genocide by the Serb army leader Ratko Mladic is extremely racist incidents between ethnic Serbian with Muslim Bosnia, Within 3 weeks of serbian forces leader Ratko Mladic had killed 8300 Bosnian Muslim civilians, this is the greatest mass genocide after the War second world dizamannya before Genocide Rwanda.

The western world is very late in dealing with the Bosnian Serb War, where the UN to act like dogs shy (as citizens of Bosnia) because they are guard but did not do apa2, How to kill the most ruthless in Srebrenica are the women, anak2 and parents are told to run to the river and shot , many witnesses who witnessed this event and the memories will flood the blood. Killing fields are found a few years later with the help of satellite images of U.S., now standing upright Srebrenica Memorial contains 8340 names Muslim victims of Bosnia. Ratko Mladic was arrested in 2006, until now most people think serbian Ratko Mladic is a hero who respected.

"Hunting Party"
"Behind Enemy Lines"

Kamikaze “Insane Japanese Pilot
(photographed this looks Aircraft Zero Japan is running out of bullets perform the final task with self menabrakan)

At Coral you Mnurut war (War of the Pacific) Who wins the air force? American? indeed united by acclamation win the war, but who actually won the largest amount of destruction? Japanese Air Fighter answer, no one doubts Aircraft A6M (mitsubishi engine) Zero, this aircraft and its derivatives in 1500 destroyed more American planes and destroying several aircraft carriers in the Kamikaze attack, still remember the Pear Harbor, Hawaii, 1941, General of Japan in particular call the best Putra2 Kamikaze sunrise to implement the project, the wives and families celebrated the feast of candidates because it is an honor, but not a few who cry and kill myself because this is the last goodbye, this is because the bomber pilots are given only enough gasoline is only one way, this to maximize resources for the attack on Pearl Harbor destroyed

imagine .. 340 Kamikaze aircraft carriers destroyed the 4 pieces, 188 attack aircraft, 3 large cruisers and killed at 2800 personnel.

September 30 Movement, or who often abbreviated as G 30 S PKI, G-30S/PKI, Gestapu (Movement Thirty-September), Gestok (Movement One October) is an event that occurred on September 30, 1965 in which six high-ranking Indonesian military and its several others were killed in an insurgency effort called the alleged coup attempt to members of the Communist Party of Indonesia.
the number of victims who were slaughtered is not known exactly - which conservative estimates say 500,000 people, while other estimates also mention two to three people. But suspected at least one million people were affected in the six months that followed the coup.
Title: All Time History of Human Cruelty
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All Time History of Human Cruelty

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