Penguin Beach, Swimming Penguin UK's Largest

About Penguin Beach
The British Government inaugurated a new sanctuary back to dozens of rare penguins, having closed over the last eight years.
Now it is packed as breeding penguins at London Zoo, with the name Penguin Beach. Initially, the captive breeding of rare animals and was built in 1934. But forced to close temporarily, in order to do restoration.
Penguin Beach is the largest penguin breeding site in the UK that contain penguins, Humboldt penguins from the zoo, South America and macaroni penguins from Antarctica. Penguin Beach has a swimming facilities covering an area of ​​13 thousand square meters and the volume capacity of 10 thousand gallons of water, reports the Dailymail, Friday (27/05/2011).
With funding of about 2 million pounds or approximately Rp28 billion, a new habitat for the penguins is equipped with rocks and fine white sand.
Party administrators captivity, Adrian Walls hopes to become a Penguin Bech lives of the penguins is more feasible than ever before.
They are expected to live grow and reproduce berkembiang well here so that penguin populations could be saved.
For the visitors available pool of glass that can melihatkan the activities of the penguins in the pool and when fed.

Title: Penguin Beach, Swimming Penguin UK's Largest
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Penguin Beach, Swimming Penguin UK's Largest

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