Extraordinary sculpture at the Museum Underwater Grenada

Grenada is an island nation located in the southernmost part of the Windward Islands, Caribbean. It lies about 161 km north of Venezuela. Grenada is the second smallest country in the Western Hemisphere (after Saint Kitts and Nevis).
Grenada’s Underwater Museum
Underwater world is like a treasure box, which lies a mysterious treasure as you go deeper. Fish glittering, diverse marine life, crystal clear turquoise water and stunning coral reefs under the sea is something what is this beautiful water world in store for us, but Grenada has the excitement a little more to add. Beautiful island country welcomes you to the museum's most unique underwater. This is one big water park statue believed to exhibit sculpture by internationally renowned sculpture and installation artists deCaires Jason Taylor.

Dubbed "Moiliniere Bay underwater museum," includes sculpture park is sixty-five sculptures placed at various depths. Located two miles north of the capital of St. Georges in the National Marine Park, this underwater museum spread over the area 800sq.m. The idea behind this work of art is to form an artificial reef and supports a variety of marine life. After three years under water Grenadian, has found that corals sponges, tunicates, hidroid, soft and hard has grown beyond expectations. This one-stop destination remarkable for eco-conscious visitors will provide hours of fun, leisure and learning.

Grenada’s Underwater Museum Gallery

Title: Extraordinary sculpture at the Museum Underwater Grenada
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Published :2011-05-09T23:17:00-07:00
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Extraordinary sculpture at the Museum Underwater Grenada


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