Places that can not be tracked on google earth and google maps

white house
Digital images from the White House have been removed, this is done to hide the air safety facilities and other security assets used to secure this place.

nato angency
C3 Agency supports NATO in matters scientific and related to C4ISR (Consultation, Command, Control, Communications, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance).

huis ten bosch palace
This place is one of four main residence Dutch royal family, which is located in The Hague, Netherlands. Queen Beatrix lives in this place since 1981.

This area is obscured by the Google Earth because it is a sensitive area with regard to the political problems of countries such as Tibet or Xinjiang province, northern Pakistan and the region of the kingdom.

No known reason why this area of the sensor.
boring house
Aaron and Christine Boring claim that Google Maps with fiture Street View has violated their privacy. Family Boring to say the picture should be removed from their homes and their homes along the road labeled "Private Road".

lincoln laboratory
Lincoln Laboratory is a research site that is used for federal purposes and is a high-level technology development center that is used to solve the problem of American national security
manthansville college
Manhattanville University located in New York area is obscured because it is located close to the center of several large companies such as PepsiCo Inc., Texaco and MasterCard.

stony book university
The university is obscured from Google maps because this building is the center of Brorkhaven National Laboratory.

saint louise school
Only certain buildings that can be seen from this place, like a football field or the gym while the other can not be seen
Title: Places that can not be tracked on google earth and google maps
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Places that can not be tracked on google earth and google maps

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