10 Unique and Creative MP3

1. mp3 players and incorporated back massagers?
Osim company has to make it happen, and the mp3 player is a mp3 player first (maybe the last one) which has a massage feature.

2. Issued by Pez Candy.Inc, an innovation that is used for the promotion of their candy products. Until now if you want to buy a mp3 player, you have to wait because this stuff sells.

3. MP3 Player The most frustrating ever. If you want to use it, you have to assemble. And worse, each layer of the mp3 is having its own function, so if you people who lack patience, you should not buy.
4. Have you ever had a pen, mp3 player and data storage as well? probably never. That's why this product is released. Specially designed so that the charging time for 7 hours, you have to listen to music while writing.
5. Is there occurred to you to swim / dive while enjoying your favorite music?, now no longer a dream, because the mp3 player this one is the first in class mp3 player waterproof to a depth of 50 M.
6. A strange discovery, that's what people first thought when I saw this product. Toshiba MP3 player output is shaped like a whale and not have anything any more.
7. This is just a funny-shaped mp3 player and can remove the smell of fruit, so while listening to music, you can enjoy the pleasure of the fruit even though limited to smell alone.
 8. Have you ever thought to not throw away your candy tin cans? maybe not, but after seeing this home made product you might be tempted enough to make one. Equipped with radio player and FM radio, MP3 player is one of the most complete.
9. Advances in technology can no longer be denied, MP3 player getting thinner by the day, the following is one example. With only 0091-inches thick and weighs just 0035-pounds, this MP3 player can store up to 4GB of data and can play music for up to 5 hours.
10. Do not be fooled by the picture, because the mp3 is not feature lipsticks, aka no lipsticknya. What is special of this MP3 player is the promotional techniques and concepts that is stable.
Title: 10 Unique and Creative MP3
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Published :2011-04-19T15:39:00-07:00
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10 Unique and Creative MP3

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