7 countries with the highest-income beggar

Who would have thought that the income of a beggar can exceed the income of a laborer.
many ways used by him, ranging from a shabby appearance, using assistance animals, small children, even to use the disease itself, such as physical disabilities.
reality beggars in Indonesia alone could generate several million in a month.
but agan know how much income can be generated outside the country of beggars in a month?
let's check

1.  America
America is a country that is very advanced, but on the other side too many whose lives are in the poverty line. for people like that, begging is considered as the most efficient modern way to make money.
a pair beggar named Jason Pancoast and Elizabeth Johnson describes himself as' beggars kaya'dari Oregon. This couple could earn $ 30-40000 a year just from begging.
if you're lonely, they can collect $ 20 to $ 50 a day, but if you're busy daily income that they can reach $ 300. Even if you're lucky they can collect $ 800 in a day!! (if dirupiahin approximately Rp. 7 million-an) wow .. imagine salary of a manager just lost with a beggar 

2.  england
beggars here often enough to get raid of the local police. but as if mushrooms, pengemis2 it always comes back after another. a beggar in London can make money 300 pounds in a day, equivalent to 4 million dollars. average within 2 weeks of a beggar can raise money as much as 2000 pounds (27 million rupiah !!)..
even a beggar woman once said that he do so (begging) because he wanted to buy a new kitchen for the apartment

 3. Australia
Sydney jobs done by people begging for 'homeless'. a beggar just need to sit for 16 hours per day as he lifted his hands in crowded areas in the Sydney CBD George and Market to raise money as much as $ 400 a day or equivalent to Rp. 3 million-an.
that if you're lucky, if you're lonely so he only got $ 175 per day.
beggar there, save money in the bank once a week

4. China 
Begging there is no longer a way to get food or survival, but has become a routine job every day.
a survey in China, there are at least 800 people beggars in Guangzhou alone. there beggars usually do the job because of a disability or illness.
their daily intake averaged 20 to 100 yuan, or equivalent to Rp. 30000-150000 day. within a month they could earn more than Rp. 4 million.

5.  Arabic
Arabic is one country that has been developed. usually take advantage of moments when there pengemis2 orang2 come to the mosque for prayers.
a beggar man said he usually leaves his wife and daughter in front of the mosque to beg.
and it is quite efficient. within a day he can raise money as much as 300 riyals, or equivalent to Rp. 700s of thousands. within a month was able to collect money pengemis2 more than 15 million dollars.
there is even a beggar who was caught and caught save money as much as $ 19,300

7. Rusia
several shelters and hospitals are a place for the beggars. pengemis2 there is usually a orang2 who lost their jobs or illegal immigrants.
more than half of orang2 under the age of 45 years.
rata2 beggars there mndapat 200-300 rubles per hour. means within a day they could collect money as much as Rp. 880 thousand (if working hours at lho 1o cm.) even their monthly income to exceed 80,000 rubles, or the equivalent of 23 million rupiah.
7. Maroco
a 63-year-old beggar woman has a savings account at a bank with the amount of 320,000 dirhams, or equivalent to Rp. 332 million! jg she had jewelry and nice house. wowww!
according to a study to, 62.4% of beggars there is pengemis2 professional. they can collect rata2 200 dirhams, or equivalent to Rp. 200 thousand in a day. moment2 and even then not include a specific time, which usually can get more.
within a month they get rata2 6000 dirhams (Rp 6 million-an).

Title: 7 countries with the highest-income beggar
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7 countries with the highest-income beggar

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