Art Painting Using Microbes

In the technique culturing the microbes (fungi and bacteria), the media commonly used are agar solid placed in a petri dish. Depending on the species of microbes that would be cultured, on agar-agar is usually mixed with sugar as a carbon source for growth of microbes, or other food sources such as casein.
To grow microbes on agar, the sample is smeared on the surface of microbial agar in aseptic conditions. Colonies of bacteria that grow can be seen using the naked eye, in the form of mucus that shaped their formation in accordance with the direction of spread. Colonies of bacteria in the form of mucus have a shape, the level of turbidity, and color unique to each species. So it is with mushrooms. Fungal colonies growing hyphae appeared (body fungus), a soft like cotton and colorful.
below are photos of microbial cultures made ​​by the microbiologist. With their expert breed various species of microbes in one medium. When the colonies of microbes grow a few days later, what appears is a form of pretty pictures and unique.

Title: Art Painting Using Microbes
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Art Painting Using Microbes

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