[Amazing] Mandala, painting made ​​of sand

Sand Mandala is a Tibetan art in the country which describes a circle (mandala) with pictures of the complex. Previously colored sand. then arranged one by one to form the desired pattern. It's really complex job that needs patience and a high level. Actually mandala designs not only in the Tibetan tradition which is actually known as the Buddhist tradition, but also appeared in the Hindu and Christian cultures. But this is only the special Sand Mandala in Tibetan tradition.
Here is a mandala-making process who spent nearly a month, starting from February 26, 2001. In Yager Gallery, Ackland. Two of the author named Tenzin and Tenzin Thutop Deshek. It is the old Namgyal Monastery in Ithaca, New YorkMandala, The Art of sand that in doing by Buddhist monks. But when you finish, what happened?


I mean why be destroyed:

Pouring sand into the river symbolizes the same can not be used twice. In addition, the sand mandala is believed to bring healing. So with the release of this sand into the river (or sea) will spread the healing for all beings.
Interesting is not from the beginning of the manufacturing process to the point of destruction. This process also teaches that there is as good as any thing in this world, in the future everything will be gone, nothing is eternal

Title: [Amazing] Mandala, painting made ​​of sand
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[Amazing] Mandala, painting made ​​of sand

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