bridge between the country shortest

'Couples' islands near Rockport terketak called Zavikon. Two of the island including a collection of 'thousand islands' in the Saint Lawrence River in Alexandria Bay, US-Canadian border.
Approval of these boundaries have been agreed between the two countries-the U.S. and Canada, since 1793. However, both countries decided not to divide the two border islands. Approximately two thirds of the island in the area of ​​Canada, 1 / 3 of his being in America. U.S. or Canada, consider their position equivalent in terms of ownership of the island.
But for this guide is an 'advantage' in terms of tourism because of the existence of two island becomes a very unique and attractive 'for sale'. The tour guide wanted to bridge the world's smallest known to international audiences.
Big island which is claimed to be Canadian territory built homes, while a small island which is part of America, serves as your backyard.
Title: bridge between the country shortest
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bridge between the country shortest

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