Amazing Hotels Can camouflaged with Nature

Looking for a vacation spot where nobody will find you? hotel remota answer, the hotel is located on the ground like a superhero secret hideout, the German company to design low-profile structures with green roofs are well camouflaged from the superiors and the front and there are a number of energy-saving initiatives at the hotel.

Inspired by a sheep ranch in Patagonia, Remota look like long grass in the distance. On the afternoon of wild grass roof of the hotel selimuti remota, looks very similar to the green platform. Green roofs consist of concrete that has been coated with bitumen membrane and carpet grass two feet high. Inside, furniture was created by a carpenter outside Patagonia remota Agan might think that such a remote inn will not be until the latest green practices, but Remota knows. They use light energy with which water consumption was low because the structure was completely prepared to receive sunlight

Title: Amazing Hotels Can camouflaged with Nature
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Published :2011-03-26T00:02:00-07:00
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Amazing Hotels Can camouflaged with Nature

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