(Amazing) Galleries Lafayette Department Store World's most luxurious

Galeries Lafayette was inaugurated in 1893, the department store Galeries Lafayette is a Paris fashion institution. Located near the Opera Garnier, Galeries Lafayette is one of the most important place for fans of fashion: a collection of male and female, and the latest trends in jewelry and accessories, home furnishings, or cosmetics all can get in this department store. Galeries Lafayette also provides a gourmet restaurant, Lafayette Gourmet, which provided for tourists to try unique food style food yan Lafayette. Model after baazar mideastern, stores showcase the unique Belle Epoque architecture.

History Galleries Lafayette
In 1893 Théophile Bader and Alphonse Kahn opened a fashion shop cousin in a small haberdasher shop in La Fayette La Rue Chaussee d'Antin and Paris. In 1896, the company bought the entire building at n ° 1 rue La Fayette, and in 1905 the building at n ° 38, 40 et 42, boulevard Haussmann and n ° 15 rue de la Chaussee d'Antin. Bader commissioned Georges Chedanne and later his student Ferdinand Chanut to design the layout of the Haussmann location. A glass and steel dome, and Art Nouveau staircase and was built in 1912.

part in the Lafayette Department Store

Title: (Amazing) Galleries Lafayette Department Store World's most luxurious
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(Amazing) Galleries Lafayette Department Store World's most luxurious

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