QR Code technology and How It Works

QR Code or commonly known as the QR Code bar code is a form of evolution from one dimension into two dimensions. The use of QR codes are very common in Japan This is because the ability to store data that is bigger than the bar code so as to encode information in Japanese kanji because it can accommodate. QR Code has received international standardization and standardization of the Japanese form of ISO/IEC18004 and JIS-X-0510 and has been widely used by mobile phones in Japan.
QR Code is a type of matrix code or two-dimensional bar code developed by Denso Wave, a division of Denso Corporation, which is a Japanese company and published in 1994 with the main functionality that can be easily read by the scanner QR stands for quick response or response fast, that in accordance with the objective is to convey information quickly and get a fast response as well. Unlike bar codes (barcodes), which only stores information horizontally, QR code capable of storing information horizontally and vertically, and therefore automatically QR Code can accommodate more information than bar codes (barcode).

QR code originally used for tracking parts in vehicle manufacturing, but now the QR code is used in a broader context, including commercial applications and ease of tracking-oriented applications aimed at mobile phone users. In Japan, the use of QR codes extremely popular, almost all types of mobile phones in Japan can read QR codes because most of the entrepreneurs there have chosen QR codes as an additional tool in their product promotion programs, both engaged in commerce or in the field of services. In general, QR codes are used to impart information on a company website address. In Indonesia, QR codes were first introduced by KOMPAS. With the QR code on a daily newspaper in Indonesia, the reader is able to access news through a cell phone can even give feedback or opinions to the reporter or the editor of the newspaper.

QR code function
QR Code serves as physical hyperlinks that can store addresses and URLs, phone numbers, text and text that can be used in magazines, daily mail, advertisements, on bus signs, business cards or other media. Or in other words as quickly connecting content online and offline content. The presence of this code allows the audience to interact with the media via phone ditempelinya effectively and efficiently. Users also can generate and print their own QR code for others to visit one of several encyclopedia QR code.
Commercial interests
In addition, the QR design allows users to incorporate company logos, video clips or photos into QR code, without losing the substance of any information from the source are included. Examples of the use of QR codes in which contains the contents of the video clip is a QR code that is used by the singer of British group called Pet Shop Boys in 2007. When code is scanned correctly, the user will be redirected to the site Pet Shop Boys. Also in 2009 the QR code is used for marketing campaigns Movie 9 in the San Diego Comic Con. At that time, customers are given a card that displays the QR code that has been integrated with the artwork in question. So, customers can access the footage through the QR code.
Public interest
QR Code can be used as a food security by adding a QR code that contains the data on nutrient content and period expired on each label food so that customers can feel more secure in choosing foods that are purchased because they can find out information about the food. In Japan, this has been adopted by McDonald. There are 19 types of "sandwich" is given a QR code that contains information on allergies, the number of calories and nutrients contained in these sandwiches. In addition, QR codes can also be provided at bus stops, so passengers can know the existence of a bus which is being awaited. It works by providing hyperlinks to the CCTV cameras on every street through the internet connection on the phone. Further, QR codes can be mounted on a student card, so it will facilitate the attendance of students, and facilitate access for students, teachers, and parents to information on teaching and learning process.
How to use QR Code
QR codes can be used on phones that have a QR code reader application and have internet access GPRS or WiFi or 3G to connect the phone with the target site via QR code it. Customers, which in this case is to enable mobile phone users just need QR code reader program, directing the camera to QR codes, QR code reader then the program will automatically scan the data that has been embedded in QR codes. If the QR code contains the address of a site, so customers can directly access the site without having to first type in the address of the destination site. If you want to access the QR code with the phone without a camera, then the first thing to be done by the user is to run the first application of existing browser on the phone, and enter the URL of the page in question, then enter the "ID" or 7 digit number listed below code and click the Go button, the user will obtain the desired digital content. It is certainly easier for customers to obtain information offered by business owners. Types of applications that can read QR codes, among others, for example Kaywa Reader, which can be installed on ponselnokia, iMatrix, applications for the iPhone and ZXing Online decoders that can be used to decode the QR code in the form of images by entering a URL or by uploading images.
Title: QR Code technology and How It Works
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QR Code technology and How It Works


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