Siafu: First Computer for blind people

solution so that blind people can play the computer is to create a program that can read the words on the screen user. An industrial designer Jonathan Lucas designed a computer named Siafu with an entirely new concept that allows blind users to feel everything is on their screen. With named Magneclay make use of materials, computer screen can be turned into a braille display, or even form an image morphing.
Magneclay an oil-based materials with a loose molecular structure, when energized by an electrical charge, these materials can change shape-shifting into a new shape indefinitely as long as electric charge is still da. "Siafu" is derived from African languages ​​berartir blind ant, an allusion to the target audience is visually impaired PC. This computer is very versatile, there are several modes to let users be able to do what is needed. On the computer is used nine-keys Braille keyboard with braille reading, or can be used like a book, and displays the words in braille.
"Siafu" can also create images on a web page in three dimensions, making the user feel what is on their screen. Image conversion technology, along with the amazing properties of Magneclay, allowing images to be translated into a realistic three-dimensional appearance.
And also "Siafu" can synthesize words on the screen and read aloud. And if the user chooses not to type, they have the option to speak into the microphone computer, where voice recognition software to translate spoken words to words typed them. Siafu is one of the most advanced design ever intended for visually impaired people with simple computing so that blind people can understand it better. And because Magneclay very flexible and can be reused indefinitely, almost nothing that can not be displayed.

Title: Siafu: First Computer for blind people
Posted by:Riszky Nurseno
Published :2011-06-27T06:24:00-07:00
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Siafu: First Computer for blind people

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